Through its broad technical knowledge, our R&D department is able to develop strong products with a good focus on processing. From practical requirements, a product is further developed into a strong product. Everything is extensively tested in our laboratory before it can be produced. We think continuously about the processor and the intended sustainable end result. We ensure that the latest technological developments are taken into account. Each product is tested in our laboratory after the production process to ensure consistent quality. We also regularly test our products ourselves in practice in order to incorporate any improvements or additions. Our specialists have broad practical knowledge and can therefore provide you with excellent support.


Our steps to success


Developing a product is sometimes a lengthy process. We take a critical look at the desired applications and properties. In our own laboratory and by means of a thorough DoE (Design of Experiments), this leads to an optimised, tailored recipe which will be subject to further testing in practice.


After development of a factory-ready recipe, an initial pilot production is carried out. Our R&D team is closely involved in this to optimize the process and fine tune it with our production staff. The production process is then released.


We know our own products well and are happy to provide support with practical questions. We have a lot of practical experience and test our products ourselves. But we are also available for various other topics such as production possibilities, regulations, labels, etc.


After working for various companies in the coating industry, Frank Pol started developing his own 2K water-based coating products in a small garage in Twello in 2017. Driven and convinced to create progressive products, he worked day and night on different formulations and tested this in different practical settings. This resulted in a very small-scale and creative one-man production line. These products were successful and soon a permanent customer base emerged. Through additional jobs outside the company, Pol was able to invest as much as possible in the further development of the company. This led to a fully-fledged production site, with laboratory, in the same village. This was expanded in the following years with larger production facilities and laboratory equipment. In 2022, this led to the introduction of brother Luke Pol to further tackle commercial operations, with Frank Pol continuing to focus on the technical side of the family business. Since then, the brothers have been working together on the future development of sustainable coating products.

Two component
water-based coatings.

Safe for the user
Safe for the environment


Sustainable production


In-house development and production


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