Our excellent products can basically be divided into Floors and Walls for both indoor and outdoor use. These products have been developed with extreme precision to meet the requirements for use and compliance with various (international) regulations.



Our floor coatings and cast floors are characterised by their high viscosity, large layer thickness and very strong final properties for the specific applications.



Our wall coatings are characterised by optimum scratch resistance, rollability, resistance to the effects of (chemical) substances and weather resistance.



Our water-based metal coatings are characterized by high corrosion resistance and are universally applicable.



Our coatings for wood are characterized by their high scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.


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Outside our range

Tailor-made products

Pol Coatings B.V. helps you to find, develop and supply the most suitable coating system. Thanks to our extensive technical knowledge, we think completely in terms of the application and, on that basis, we can create a suitable product or process.

We test all desired properties in our laboratory and check the quality. In addition, we use various knowledge institutions and fellow companies to thoroughly examine specific properties. Ask your question!