EPX Cast Flooring

EPX Cast Flooring is a strong and unique two-component water-based epoxy casting floor. EPX Pour Flooring is used as a hardening flowing pouring layer on floors. After curing, EPX Cast Flooring is heavily mechanically loadable and resistant to various impacts. EPX Cast Flooring is often used in combination with a primer, intermediate coat and top coat to achieve the desired final properties. In addition, EPX Cast Flooring is also used as a scraper layer or infill layer.

The advantages

  • Opaque 2K Epoxy water-based screed
  • Emission free (VOC free) – (tested according to EN 16516)
  • High flowing and self-leveling
  • Hygienic floor finish
  • Resistant to heavy loads & impact resistant
  • Can be applied in thick layers
  • Moisture regulating & breathable
  • By color or as a base for water-based color mixing system
  • Application

    EPX Cast Flooring is used as strong industrial floor, workshop floor, showroom and garage floor. These floors must be resistant to the effects of substances such as plasticizers, chemicals and other liquids. People walk and work on the floor, so it must not be slippery and must be resistant to falling tools. EPX Cast Flooring can be applied seamlessly to walls and edges without sealant joints. Thereby, it can be applied to poorly insulated floors where there is a chance of moisture from the substrate. The rebar is less affected and concrete rot is prevented. EPX Cast Flooring is therefore an ideal, strong and safe solution for your floor.

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